What is the point of school uniforms?

What is the point of school uniforms?

Most schools in a lot of different parts of the world have their own School Uniform which they expect to be worn by every student. But what is really the point of such a thing? Why do schools want children to wear uniforms?  This is a pretty debatable topic, both sides of which have some pretty convincing points. If you have such questions in your mind too, read this article to find some answers!

Improve school ethos

School uniforms are necessary for building a strong character in children. They build up certain school ethos in the mind of the students that are especially important for a good school life. When all the students are wearing the same uniforms, students identify with each other and the school at large more easily. They feel a sense of similarity, familiarity and belongingness with the school and all its members. This helps build a sense of unity amongst all the school students. Such a team feeling helps the overall character and personality of a student grow which will help him/ her in various areas of his/ her life. Additionally, this sense of belongingness allows students to adapt to and adjust with the school environment, helping them enjoy school more.

Improve students result

Think about the days when the students aren’t required to wear their uniform - the casual dress days! Have you ever noticed how students have a lack of focus and there is a constant absence of the “studying environment”? The same could happen if the students were not made to wear uniforms. They would spend a good amount of time everyday choosing what to wear and how to dress up. They would also spend a lot of time observing, complimenting or even critiquing each other’s dresses. Instead, if they are all made to wear a uniform, such a problem won’t arise at all. They would all be wearing the school uniform, thus, solving the problem. It would help them study and focus better which would automatically lead to better results.

Create a personal identity

One of the main roles of school uniforms is that it helps shaping the individual identity of a student. Before being introduced to schools and their uniforms, the child thinks of himself/ herself only in terms of his/ her family members and relatives. Once they start going to school and start wearing their uniforms, they start identifying themselves as someone who as a personality that goes beyond the family members. This helps them create a personal identity that they find unique to themselves in their primary social group. However, in absence of uniforms, this identity demarcation becomes less clear and does not allow children to accept a separate identity for themselves that easily.
This was just a gist. There are many other ways in which school uniforms can help students grow, professionally as well as personally.

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