Top 5 Materials Used By School Uniform Manufacturers In Australia

Top 5 Materials Used By School Uniform Manufacturers In Australia

Seeing your child grow is the most beautiful thing in the world. When those baby steps turn to schools, you feel overjoyed. You want only the best for your little champ. From the school bag to uniform, you want to make everything perfect.
Schools also want your kiddo to be an integral part of the educational institute, and that’s why you are given a dress code to buy uniforms. Every school has different uniforms, depending on their ethics.

They choose the colours and style, but you can select the material of your choice. The wholesale school uniform suppliers in Australia keep school uniforms made of a variety of materials. From the softest ones to the no crease fabrics, you get a lot of options.

Out of so many fabrics available for making outfits, we have picked the best five materials that will suit the Australian weather. The kiddo must feel at ease in, whatever he/she wears.

The Easy To Clean Nylon Fabric

The lightweight and easy to clean Nylon is a favourite of many. Since it is a synthetic fabric, it lasts longer than you expect. It can be dyed in all the beautiful shades, and that makes it an excellent choice for little champs.

Your kid can have as much fun as he/she wants, and it will take you just a few minutes to get the uniform cleaned. Moreover, the fabric is comfortable if the weather is not extremely hot.

Polyester: Material That Lasts For Ages

Kids tend to tore their uniforms while playing. Polyester, in addition to being rigid, is a long-lasting fabric. It doesn’t damage easily and stays good for quite a long time.

The best thing about the fabric is it’s crease-free. It can also be dyed in all the beautiful colours.

Polyester is also a synthetic material, and that’s why it is not suited for scorching weather. You can find polyester blends if the sun is always hot in your area.
The fabric can be used to make shirts as well as bottoms.

The First Choice For Bottoms: Dacron

Though many materials are used to make bottoms, the favourite of school uniform manufacturers Australia is Dacron. It is another high-quality synthetic fabric.

The material is durable and easy to wash. Since it is quite thick, it is usually used to manufacture skirts and pants.

The Easy-breezy Cotton

Cotton is an all-time favourite of everyone with the only issue being the natural wrinkles. It wrinkles easily, and the creases are hard to remove. Apart from that, it is exceptionally comfortable to wear. It is the perfect material for even the hottest areas, and that’s why it is ideal for everyone.

Even the crease issue can be solved by finding a little blended cotton. A small amount of polyester blend removes the wrinkles issue and still stays comfortable to wear.

The fabric can is mostly used to manufacture shirts and can be coloured in every shade of the palette.

Woollen Material For Sweaters

Wool is also quite common as a material for school uniforms. Though no one wears shirts and pants made of wool, it is still trendy for a reason known to all of us.

Winters demands us to add some warmth to uniforms, and that’s when woollen sweaters come to stock. The jerseys can be purchased in any colour of your choice.

Apart from making sweaters, the fabric is also used for little embroidery or designing on the uniform.

These were the most popular fabrics used for school dresses. Our store has uniforms made of all these fabrics, and we can also customize it according to your requirements. Let us know if you have trouble finding anything and someone from the team will guide you.

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