Things to consider while buying uniform from an ace uniform wholesaler

Things to consider while buying uniform from an ace uniform wholesaler

Whenever you decide to open a school, you must be well prepared in advance for the time, money and efforts you will be giving for this project to succeed. It requires huge patience and consistency and has to be completed in several steps, until the project is finally done. From deciding the location of the school to finalising the school uniforms and completing the admissions, you have no time to breathe. Deciding the school uniform is one of the most important decisions you have to make and ensure that you deal with one of the best wholesale schoolwear suppliers in your city.

You would obviously never want to compromise with the quality of your uniform and hire an ace wholesaler but there are a lot of things you must keep in mind so that the manufacturer gives you his best work. If you keep the below things in mind, you will definitely have more clarity in dealing with the manufacturer.

Explain your requirements properly

One thing that is most important in building a good relationship with your manufacturer for a long term is that he must be fully aware of your expectations and requirements and hence prepare the deliverables. You must explain each and everything you want in the uniform clearly to the manufacturer so that he doesn’t have any doubts in his mind while manufacturing the uniforms. From the fabric of the cloth to design of the uniforms and date of delivery, everything must be discussed well in advance so that there is no confusion whatsoever between the two parties later.

Be in contact with the manufacturer

After placing the order, say if the manufacturer asks for a month's time for delivery, always make sure that you are either visiting his office every 10 days or so, or contacting him via phone. There might be many people who deal in wholesale school uniforms in your city but the one you choose would be the best and since people who delivery quality goods are always piled up with a lot of work, you must always be in touch with the manufacturer to take updates on the status of your orders in case it skips his mind. Being in contact also shows how serious you are regarding your uniforms and this will motivate the manufacturer to deliver the best quality possible.

Discuss the delivery date with the manufacturer

In case you are the supplier of uniforms in your school, if the new session starts and you don’t have the uniform ready yet, your students will be in big trouble and the parents will definitely lose trust in your management which might hamper your business and spoil the name. To avoid all this, always make sure that the deadline of the delivery is discussed with the manufacturer well in advance so that you get the delivery on time and start the new session without any hassle. One thing to remember here is that in order to be on the safer side, ask for the delivery at least 20 days before the opening of the new session so that even if due to any unforeseen event, the manufacturer does not deliver on time, you still have 20 days in your hands to arrange things at your end.


Your supplier might be the leading school uniform suppliers Australia and must be dealing with people from lowest of budgets to the school with a huge budget. So, it is very important to discuss the costing of the uniform with the manufacturer so that he properly understands your economic requirements and manufactures the uniforms keeping the budget in mind. The costing you discuss must also include the manufacturing charges apart from the cost of the clothes and designing the logos.

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