Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Buying School Uniforms in Australia

Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Buying School Uniforms in Australia

Your kid’s journey to school starts with buying all the essentials. You purchase a school bag, bottle, lunchbox, stationery, and a school uniform. The school decides the school uniform code, and you have to buy the exact outfit. The schools tell you that they have selected one of the best school uniform suppliers in Australia. They might force you to buy from that particular vendor.

Buying a school uniform is an enormous hassle. You have to find the right size, colour, and fabric. It becomes hard to get everything of your convenience from that particular vendor. To make the process smooth for you, we have made a list of things you need to know.

The Schools Cannot Force You To Buy From A Particular Vendor

There are laws for schools according to which they cannot force you to buy from a particular vendor. Schools set these particular vendors because of the commission purpose. If your kid’s school forces you to purchase from a specific vendor, you can tell them that you are an aware parent.

There Is No Authorized Or Unauthorized Vendor

Sometimes schools play a trick with which they give you names of authorised vendors. You can purchase from any of those. Now, it is not in favour of both parents and vendors. Even law doesn’t support it.

If the school is saying such things, they are definitely lying. Ask them for government agreement if they insist.

You Can’t Get The Uniform Stitched 

Schools might tell you that you cannot stitch the uniform yourself or get it stitched from anyone because it will not look the same. The truth is you can use logos and monograms and make it look the same as the officially approved uniform. 

You might need to ask for permission to use the logo or monogram of the school on the uniform. Talk to the school authorities and you can use it for the uniform.

Follow Only Official Mails

Schools create executive parent-teacher associations for discussions. Since they cannot officially email or text you regarding buying from a particular vendor, they might try to manipulate parents who are members of the association.

If any EPTA member sends you such messages, ask for an official email from the school. And even if the school sends such emails, you can deny them according to laws.

The School Cannot Change Its Uniform Without Discussing With EPTA

The schools earn a lot as a commission from wholesale school uniform suppliers in Australia. For that reason, they try to change uniforms frequently.

According to laws, schools cannot change uniforms without discussing with the EPTA members. They have to convince them for uniform change, and that’s where you can show your power. Be an aware member of the group, and you can prevent schools from doing such tactics.

Buying a perfect uniform will become a lot easier when you have better options to consider. You can select a comfortable fabric and purchase from someone who sells at an affordable price. Don’t fall into the traps. The government has made laws to help parents.

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