The School Uniforms Make School Better

The School Uniforms Make School Better

There is always an unending debate over whether or not the school uniforms are good for the schools. In some regions of the world, the debates have taken a wrong turn and there had been observed clashes and war-like situation among the parents and the educational association. These issues have reached to the court and people are wondering if this is ever going to come to an end.

Meanwhile, researchers found this as an interesting topic to dig upon and there were two major studies done in 2004 and 2005. A book released in 2004 said that school uniforms did not do anything good to the school and one the other hand, a study conducted in 2005 revealed that some of the Ohio schools started improving their grades and discipline in the school with the help of getting same dress code for all the children.

The concept of uniforms in the school is present since 1980. Then, the public schools did not have the uniform policy but gradually looking at the benefits of uniforms in the Catholic schools, they also adopted the trend.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of school uniforms according to the proponents:

  • When the children are out in uniform, the groupism and gang formation are reduced.
  • It goes without saying that uniforms bring discipline and uniformity among the students.
  • When a child knows that he is supposed to wear a uniform every day, he is stress-free of his friends wearing designer and expensive clothes that his or her parents cannot afford.
  • The intruders are easily identified when the school children are in uniform.
  • School uniforms help to diminish the barriers between students.
  • Helps to instill self-pride and a sense of belonging towards the school.

Yes, there are plenty of benefits of wearing school uniforms but the opponents say that school uniforms have the following disadvantages:

  • A school uniform violates a student’s right to wear anything that he or she likes.
  • A school uniform makes the students a soft target for bully from other school children.
  • They are a financial burden for the families.
  • Uniforms are considered as an unfair expense for the parents who are in favor to pay taxes for free education.
  • Public schools cannot adopt the trend as it is quite difficult for them.

The disadvantages can be discarded very easily as they themselves are the advantages of wearing a uniform. However, some schools are believing to have a formal dress code instead of a uniform for their children.

What is a dress code and how is it different from the school uniforms?

As far as uniformity is concerned, a school cannot achieve it unless it imposes uniforms or dress codes on the children. But, dress codes are less restrictive in the sense that it allows the students to have some liberty on what they wear. For instance, if a school allows girls white blouse then the girls have the liberty to choose any style they want to. They just have to ensure that the blouse is white. Some of the schools are actually doing this. They have allowed all solid colored T-shirts with no name or logo. This makes a good dress code for the school and the children can also enjoy some liberty in wearing their favorite T-shirt while they go to school.

On the other hand, a uniform is more of a formal attire where even the tiny buttons on the shirt ould are the same on all the shirts. The uniforms will be same for all like pleated skirts for girls, girls white blouse stitched and tucked in the same pattern, half pants for boys, shirt and ties for boys and every minute detail of the uniform should be similar. Moreover, the uniforms should have the logo of the school embossed on the school shirt.

Well, as we said, the debate is never ending but school uniforms were always better and they will continue to infuse discipline and uniformity in the children. Rest, you are smart to understand.


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