School Uniforms Do Not Necessarily Mean Boring: Here is How You Can Make Uniforms Look Interesting

School Uniforms Do Not Necessarily Mean Boring: Here is How You Can Make Uniforms Look Interesting

School uniforms have their pros and cons. The bright side is, every morning while going to school, students do not have to worry about which clothes to wear because the school has already decided it for them. But on the other hand, wearing the same clothes every day can really get boring. It restricts their sense of style and fashion. However, school wear manufacturers can do their bit to make school uniforms really interesting. All they have to do is to incorporate some trends and styles in designing the uniforms. It will give students a distinguished identity and fill them with pride whenever they wear the uniform.

Add Puff Sleeves and Plaid Collar

Most of the school uniforms are plain in design. That is why they look boring. School uniform manufacturers can give it a stylish touch by adding puff sleeves and plaid collar. It will give a casual but smart look and girls would really like to wear it. This design suits the best on soft textured school uniforms. Front button panel and base frill can give the uniform a designer touch. You can think of pastel blue or some sober colour that will do justice to this classy school uniform design.

White is Evergreen

Ask any seasoned school uniform provider and he will tell you that white never goes out of fashion. You can slightly modify the design and give a white shirt a fashionable look. For example, you can design a shirt with long turn-up sleeves and a loop to fasten on either side. Accompany it with a broad well-shaped collar and front buttons. Rest assured; students will never feel bored while wearing such a stylish shirt as a part of their uniform.

Box Pleat Skirt

Box Pleat Skirt

Box pleat skirt is something that girls from the age group of 7 to 15 would love to wear. It looks classy when paired with stockings. Box pleat skirts generally come with mid-length and it gives the uniform a designer appeal. Want to make it more stylish? You can add a broad belt panel with a designer buckle. It will up the style quotient of the uniform.

Checkered Uniform

Checkered Uniform

The combination of checkered fabric and yellow colour is hardly used for designing school uniforms. Try, it looks classy. For girls, you can design the upper half of the uniform like a blouse. Add a double collar neckline to give it an edgy look. Short sleeves will complement this design. For the lower half section, you can try a ruffled frill or skirt-like look. Schoolgirls will love to wear this uniquely designed uniform.

White Canvas Shoes

Shoes are an important part of the uniform. They have to be very comfortable yet stylish. You can design stylish soft white canvas shoes which will go with almost all school uniform designs. Canvas shoes are soft yet sturdy and durable. That is what school kids need. They are easy to wear and look stylish. The only drawback is, they will demand high maintenance.

Black Canvas Shoes

Black canvas shoes

Black canvas shoes with textured black base is an offbeat choice for school uniforms. They are durable and give a decent look. The biggest benefit of canvas shoes is that they come with a soft upper cover and therefore it fits well easily. It provides a good grip and is comfortable to wear. A school uniform manufacturer should try introducing these shoes as a part of school uniforms.

Jackets or Sweaters

Winter is the best season to flaunt style. Adding layers to mundane school uniforms can be really interesting. You can introduce cardi that goes well with the colour of the school uniform. Denim jacket too will attract students, especially teenagers. You can try denim if the school uniform is sky blue or any light shade of blue.

These days, even school kids are very conscious of their looks. That is why it is important to design a school uniform that impresses them and makes them feel excited when they buy it. There are multiple ways you can do it. The information shared here is just the tip of the iceberg.

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