Planning to change your uniform supplier? Follow these 10 steps

Planning to change your uniform supplier? Follow these 10 steps

So, you feel that your uniform is outdated and you wish to change it this year. You want to change it but at the same time, you are worried about the extra costs and you are thinking of a good budget plan. You can either contact your previous uniform wholesale suppliers or you can contact some other uniform suppliers and ask for quotes. Either way, the process is going to take a long time. Thus, you need to prepare yourself for this much before school starts.

If you have made up your mind to change your supplier, the following 10 tips will help you for sure. Stay tuned

1. Plan well

You do anything, if it is not planned beforehand, you can flunk. Same applies to your school uniforms as well. You need to plan things well and see what you have and what you need in the future. Create a written list that you can hand over to your uniform wholesale supplier.

2. Focus on what you want

You can create a focus group that may consist of school staff, parents and even some students who can guide you to select the right pieces of school uniform for the upcoming school session. The students are the best personalities to advise you on the fit, comfort, and wear of the uniforms.

3. The goal of the school uniform

Ask your school their goal behind getting the new uniform. When they are clear on their goals, it will be easier for you to get in touch with the possible uniform wholesale suppliers.

4. Allow yourself a good time

Changing the school uniform suppliers is not easy and you need good time to understand the situation and take decision according to that. From consultations to fabric selection and presentations and so on will take some three to six months. Further, you will need time for manufacturing and retailing. Thus, keep good time in your hand.

5. Select the right supplier for your school

You need to get the right supplier who is a good fit for your school. Go for a reputable, experienced and a helpful supplier. Select the supplier who is able to provide you the written plan, the creative designs, fabric samples, and accessories etc. for the new uniform. Make sure that the supplier is finalizing the agreement after the actual garments are manufactured. You cannot ensure quality just by looking at the drawings.

6. Get a switchover date

You need to agree to a switchover date. Allow at least 24 months of time where the parents will get the value of the current items that they have and this would be the time when the school will allow both the new and old school uniforms.

7. Listen to what your supplier says

If your uniform wholesale supplier is experienced, listen to him and see what he has to say over the new designs. His experience will actually help you to achieve your desired objectives.

8. Compare various prices

If you have two uniform suppliers in mind, you need to compare the prices along with the quality to finalize one from them. Weight up the whole package before taking the decision.

9. Take references

Quality is a key factor when it comes to school uniforms. Ensure that the supplier you have chosen has good reviews and testimonials. You need to find out if the supplier can provide you with the quality he is boating off. See their portfolio to ensure that the work backs the claims.

10. Ensure the supplier is reliable

At last, you need to see if the supplier is reliable and will not ditch the project in between. You can check the reliability by talking to previous clients and other references. Further, the uniform wholesale supplier should be financially sound to back the whole manufacturing process.

The above-mentioned tips will help you select the best uniform supplier and you will be able to provide the same to your little customers.

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