How to design a perfect sports uniform for school kids

How to design a perfect sports uniform for school kids

School uniforms are the only thing that makes school going kids look different from other people in the society. It gives them an identity and also makes them recognisable. When it comes to sports days, kids love to wear sports uniforms and want to look different like a sports person. If you think you want to design a sports uniform for school kids, you must consider many things to be the best in this business.If you want to be the leading school uniform suppliers melbourne Australia each and every aspect of the uniform like color, fabric, design etc must be given a due consideration as kids will straight away reject anything they don’t like.

Some of the aspects that must be considered while designing the school sport’s uniform will be discussed below and if you aim to be a designer, you must incorporate one or all of these in your designs

Team Name

Every student who wears a sports uniform is assigned to a specific team and it is extremely important to perfectly showcase the name of the team the student is assigned to. The team name should be bold and clear on the uniform whereas it must be unique and catchy as well to grab all the attention of even the oppositions.

Color Combination

Combination of colors in which the sports uniforms are made is extremely important. The right colors when mixed together will create a unique blend of creativity and looks. Most of the sports uniforms are usually aggressive in colors as sports represent aggression, hard work, strength and determination and soft colors will not do justice to the outdoor sports. Red, blue, orange, green and yellow are the basic colors that go very well on sports uniforms. Also if you want them to be unique, you can mix those colors with the less used colors and you are good to go.


The team name, jersey number and the name of the player must be in a perfect font and neither should be too large nor too small. The jersey number and the team name must always be in bold so that they are clearly identifiable whereas the player's name on the back can be written with normal fonts. There are millions of font sizes and designs available on the internet and in order to make the jersey catchy, the combinations of font sizes, colors and designs can be used.

Team Logo

The logo of the team, just like the name of the team must be unique and catchy at the same time. There are thousands of designs available on the web and you can choose to combine various designs on the web to create your own unique design which totally depends upon your creativity. If you are new to the business, you can always take help from the already established school uniform manufacturers and they will suggest the best way around with the team logo designs.

Simplicity is the key

Always remember, no matter what colors you choose, what font you apply or what team name you opt, everything must be simple and you must not overdo it in any of the departments. Uniforms are for school kids and not for the adults and this fact must be kept in mind at all times as bold or aggressive logos or names will not do justice with the kids.


Last but not the least comes the comfort. Always remember that sports uniforms must be extremely comfortable to wear so that kids wearing them can fully stretch themselves while playing sports. They should be made with softer material and the fabric must necessarily be sweat-absorbant. The neck and shoulders must not be tight so that kids can play freely and run however they want.

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