How School Uniforms Impact Schools?

How School Uniforms Impact Schools?

The school uniform debate doesn’t seem to be ending soon. It has always been a topic of discussion about whether school uniforms improve schools or not. While school owners and School Uniform Manufacturers have some valid reasons to employ school uniforms, there are still people who take it as an extra burden on parents.

Let’s understand the issue better with different aspects.

Uniform And Dress Code: What’s The Difference

A dress code is usually more flexible than uniform. The dress code helps in maintaining modesty at workplaces or schools to prevent anti-social fashion.

The dress code is usually occasion specific and it matches with the environment at the place. It can be chosen for any event or anything else accordingly.

The uniform is more restrictive. Uniform limits colour and style choices especially in schools, it is employed to make all the kids look similar and that’s why it seems restrictive. Everything is fixed in a uniform while the dress code gives you some freedom.

Why Do Most Of The Public Schools Have Uniforms?

Most of the public schools have school uniforms to create a balanced environment. Can you imagine kids fighting over clothes? Poor kids can get bullied by rich kids for their cloth preferences. Also, the cultural differences put students in a bullying situation.

When the school uniform rule was created for school, it was created with a purpose to improve discipline and prevent students from indulging in unethical activities. And, the decision seems to be working really well.

Pros Of School Uniforms

School uniforms are quite popular. Here are some of the benefits of school uniforms which are often overlooked by those who debate.

  • School uniforms improve the personality of kids and help maintain discipline.
  • The uniforms remove social, economical, and cultural barriers and bring all students on the same level which creates a sense of equality.
  • Removes the confusion of what to wear and peer pressure of buying the latest trends.
  • Prevents outsiders from mixing with students.
  • Develops a sense of belongingness for the students and works as a symbol of school pride.
  • If schools coordinate with School Uniform Wholesale Suppliers, the uniforms can prove to be cheaper than regular clothes and that will reduce financial burden.
  • Uniforms are an economical option when chosen sensibly.

Cons Of School Uniforms

Some cons are also there which can be removed by making genuine efforts.

  • Sometimes feels like an extra burden when schools go overboard with accessories and styles.
  • Violations of freedom of expression rights for students. Logos and symbols are forced upon students.

What Do Researchers Say About The Impact Of School Uniforms?

An assistant professor from Youngstown state University named Virginia Draa researched on this particular subject and experienced some important revelations. According to her, the uniform code improved the attendance of schools. The improvement in discipline also reduced suspension rates.

She stated that she also had opposite views but the schools she analysed proved that uniforms make difference.

Is There Some Academic Performance Impact?

The researcher concluded that she couldn't see any academic impact because of several other factors contributing to it. Since there are many things that impact academic performance, it is hard to say if school uniforms can improve the academic score.

However, it is seen that the best performers are usually the most disciplined. So, improvement in discipline, which is possible with uniforms, can lead to better performance.

School uniforms debate can never end because people will always have different views. But, if you agree with the importance of uniforms and to pick the best one for your kids, we are here to help. School uniform Australia is one of the best School Uniform Suppliers. Visit our products section to view the variety.

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