Factors You Should Consider While Selecting a Fabric for Uniforms

Factors You Should Consider While Selecting a Fabric for Uniforms

Uniforms are perhaps the clothes that you will wear most frequently, almost daily. They are not a partywear that you put on just once or twice a year. Therefore, it is important that the uniforms are of good quality and comfortable. A uniform manufacturer should never settle for substandard quality. Especially school kids have delicate and sensitive skin. School uniforms thus should not only look good but also feel great. School uniform suppliers Sydney Australia give optimum importance to the quality of the fabric of uniform. A manufacturer should keep the below-mentioned factors in mind while designing the uniform.


School uniforms have to be worn for a large part of the day. The fabric of the uniform should be breathable so that the kids feel comfortable in it. School Uniform Manufacturers should select a breathable fabric that allows air to contact the body. It will keep school kids fresh and relaxed for longer hours. The fabric should reduce sweat and help manage moisture of the body. The selection should be wisely made. For example, cotton is a breathable fabric but it retains the moisture and it smells horrible which makes it a bad choice for uniforms. Nylon and polyester not only absorb moisture but also dry quickly. Therefore, these materials fit better for a uniform. A manufacturer can come up with a smart combination of fabrics to make it more comfortable.

All-season fabric

Uniforms have to be worn all round the year. Therefore, the fabric should be such that it can provide comfort during all seasons. Fabrics that retain sweat are a big no-no for school uniforms. After all, students have to spend long hours wearing the same clothes. This makes lightweight fabrics a good choice for uniforms. Their sweat-free properties provide utmost comfort to the kids. Manufacturers can assess fabrics like chambray, rayon, bamboo for uniforms. These fabrics have the potential to keep the uniforms sweat-free. In addition to that, they are perfect for different seasons.


When it comes to clothes, especially uniforms, most people choose comfort over style. The success of a school uniform solely depends upon the level of comfort it provides. Wholesale school uniforms suppliers should select uniforms that are made from fabrics that provide utmost comfort to the school students. Most uniform manufacturers select materials cotton and viscose. Some also prefer a combination of cotton and polyester due to its quality to provide comfort.


Uniforms have to be worn every day. That is why it is important that they are made from the fabric that lasts long. The fabric used to make uniforms should be resilient to wearing and tearing, and colour fading after a few washes. This makes polyester the most popular choice for uniforms. Even after numerous washes, the fabric remains as it is. A combination of cotton and synthetic can be another versatile alternative. Cotton offers breathability while synthetic provides strength to the fabric.

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