An Easy Guide To Australian Schools For Every Parent

An Easy Guide To Australian Schools For Every Parent

All parents want the best for their kids and when it comes to schooling, there is no chance of compromise. Choosing the right school for your kid is a hectic job and with all that comes the anxiety of keeping your kid away from you for the first time.

While you keep hustling to find the best school accessories for your kid, the thought of your kid staying alone complicates things more. So, it is better to get answers to all your questions before starting with your hunt for the best school uniform manufacturers.

You might have emotional questions like how many hours my child will stay away from me in addition to questions about details. Below are a few emotional and practical questions every parent struggles with while sending their kid school for the first time.

Do Australian Schools Have Uniforms?

School uniforms are compulsory in all the catholic schools in Australia. While a few could be exceptions, all the private Australian schools also have a dress code. The schools are allowed to create their own uniform policies and choose a dress code for their students. The schools select everything including shirts, pants, footwear, accessories, winter wears, and sportswear.

Some primary schools don’t keep strict guidelines regarding school uniforms to give some relaxation to little kids.

How Much Do School Uniforms Cost In Australia?

School uniforms are extremely expensive in Australia especially when you purchase from school uniform suppliers selected by the school. The list includes everything from a little scrunchie to even raincoat and that makes it too long.
Every piece of the outfit is usually overpriced at the school approved store and according to some parents, it can cost you up to $1000 to buy everything for one child.

However, there are rules that schools cannot force you to purchase from a particular vendor. Choosing school wear wholesalers will help you in dressing your kid without burning your pockets.

How Long Is School In Australia?

Most of the schools in Australia keep your kids for 6-7 hours. Schools start at 9 am and continue till 3.30 pm. The school hours also include a lunch break which means your kid will have a sufficiently long break to have some food and relax.

The school education in Australia lasts for about 13 years where 6-7 years are spent at primary school, followed by 3-4 years at secondary school and finally 2 years of senior secondary education.

How Many Days Do Australian Students Attend School?

The school year in Australia is divided into two semesters of two terms each. So, there are a total of four terms. The duration of each term is nearly 10 weeks. Cutting down the holidays, the students in Australia attend school for 175-200 days on an average.

All the four terms are followed by holidays so that students can relax and get back refreshed.

What Month Does The School Year Start In Australia?

The school year in Australia starts in the month of January. The schools open by the end of the month of Jan and continue until half December. As evident, the students are given long holidays after completion of the session.

If you are thinking of applying for admission to your child, make sure to submit the application at the start of the term.

I hope the above questions were helpful in relieving your anxiety regarding Australian Schools. If you still have any doubts regarding choosing the best uniform for your kid, let’s talk about it. We will help you with everything from uniform fabric to sizes for all the top Australian schools.

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