6 School Uniform trends For 2021

6 School Uniform trends For 2021

New year, new hopes, and new trends. School uniform is an important part of a student’s life and that’s the reason it must be perfect. The School Uniform Manufacturers try to follow the latest trends to make school uniforms more attractive.

Nowadays, students want to dress up the best and even schools choose modern attire to offer a smart dressing option to their students.

We, at school uniform Australia, believe in designing comfortable and trending wholesale schoolwear for kids of every age. Like every other year, we have stocked our store with the trendiest school uniforms. Keep reading to get introduced to the coolest school uniform trends of 2021.

Coolest Shirts


Shirts make an essential part of school uniforms. No matter if it's hot or cold, a shirt must be worn. The smart shirt styles at our store not only improve the personality of the students but also provide utmost comfort with the soft fabric.
The shirts for boys are available in both short and long sleeves so that you can choose according to weather or personal preferences.

Stylish Blouses

Some girls wear shirts and others might prefer blouses. Though there is not much difference, the blouse looks better on girls. Among the latest school uniform trends for school girls, the pintuck blouses are surely making good points.

We also have peter pan blouses in white and sky blue shades. Both the colours are uniform appropriate and soothing as well.

The blouses made of great quality fabric feel smooth and look stunning. For further choices, the blouse is available in short and long sleeves.

Comfy Tunics And Summer Dresses

We are never short of styles and trends when it comes to trends for girls. The forever green tunics and summer dresses make such a great uniform choice for girls.

We have warm tunics to pass winters in style and beautiful summer dresses to kill the heat of summers. The tunic looks absolutely flawless when paired with a warmer underneath.

The summer dresses are prepared from light and soft fabric so that air passes well. The short sleeves add more comfort.

Pleated Skirts

Skirt is an ideal bottom choice for girls. Skirts look stylish and give complete uniform vibes when chosen in the right shades.

The 2021 trend for skirts is pleated skirts. These beautiful pieces look stylish and the pleats make them so comfortable to wear. The skirts are available in all sizes and stunning colours like mid grey and others.

Weather Appropriate Trousers And Shorts

Grey is a great shade for bottoms and that’s why all types of bottoms are trending in grey. It works great as a uniform shade and looks good as well.

We at school uniform Australia, offer you a variety of shorts and pants for boys. The fabric is ideal to be worn in any season.

The shorts and pants can be picked in elastic bands or expandable waist. Apart from grey, the trousers are available in black, navy shade.

Trendy Accessories

Accessories like ties, belts, socks etc. complete and compliment a school uniform. We offer you a wide range of trendy school uniform accessories in a variety of sizes. Created from good quality material, the belts look flawless. The modern ties are easy to wear for kids and that’s a lot of comfort for parents.

School uniforms are attractive and are designed to improve the personality of the kids. The varieties offered by School Uniform Suppliers Melbourne help you choose the ones that suit your kids better.

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